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At The Nail Cabin I care about the condition and health of your natural nail. Choose from a luxury IBX treatment manicure or a classic manicure to make you feel pampered and polished.

IBX Nail Treatments

Using Famous Names' IBX and Dad'i Oil products, these strengthening and repair treatments and manicures will get your nails and hands looking tip-top in no time!

IBX Gel manicure £45

IBX extends the life of your Gel Polish Manicure as it helps prevent flaking nails, peeling, and chipping. It improves the condition and strength of your natural nail by providing structure from within.


IBX Repair and Strengthen formulations are applied before your application of your regular or gel polish. These are absorbed into the nail by being warmed under a heat lamp and then cured (set) with an LED lamp to provide strength and structure to the nail from within. D'adi oil cuticle oil and and hand cream are applied to finish the treatment.

Please allow 1 hour 15 minutes.

Manicure cobham
gel manicure leatherhead

IBX Repair and Strengthening Nail Treatment £40 (no polish)

Nails and Cuticles are shaped/tidied prior to the application of IBX formulations and followed by a relaxing D'adi oil hand scrub and massage; D'adi oil cuticle oil and a coat of protective seche builder treatment. No polish is applied here.

Please allow up to 45 minutes.


With a wide range of colours to choose from, these relaxing manicures will have your hands looking beautiful.

nail salon guildford

'Just Gels' or 'Just Polish' Manicure from £35

Nails are shaped, cuticles are tidied before being massaged with luxurious hand cream and finished off with your choice of Regular or Gel Polish. Please allow 45 minutes.


Please note the price with Gel polish is £38, and takes up to 1 hour.

Gel Polish Removal and Mini Manicure (no polish reapplication) £25

Removal of gel polish applied by Becky at The Nail Cabin. 

Gel Polish is soaked off with foil wraps; nails and cuticles are tidied and nourished with D'adi Oil before hands are moisturised with D'adi Lotion. Nails are then gently buffed or an appropriate nail strengthener is applied.


Please allow 45 minutes. 

Removal and Mini Mani of gel polish applied elsewhere is £35.

gel manicure woking

Removals & Add Ons

To protect your nails it's important to remove previous gel polish in the right way so that your nails remain strong and healthy as well as beautiful.

gel removal surrey

Gel Polish Removal prior to re-application of Nail Cabin Gel Polish FREE

Removal prior to re-application of gel polish applied by Becky at The Nail Cabin is free as part of your next manicure/pedicure. Please allow 20 minutes.

Non 'The Nail Cabin' Gel Polish Removal prior to any manicure/pedicure Gel Polish £15

Removal of gel polish that has been applied elsewhere requires a charge of £15. Please allow 30 minutes.

Glitter / French Tips From £5

Add a bit of sparkle to your polish with glitter or coloured tips. Available as an add on service to any gel or regular polish. Please allow an extra 15 minutes.

french manicure tips
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